How to identify that a website or digital communication is secure?

Today, with the increase in the use of technology, it is already normal to always be connected and access different websites, social networks, blogs and emails on a daily basis.

The digital age has many benefits, but it also has its disadvantages. For that reason, it is important to know how to identify if a website, link, email or text, comes from a legitimate source and if it is protected.  In this way, we avoid being victims of fraud or even identity theft.

Here are some recommendations for what you can do to avoid being scammed.

If you do not know the source from where you get a message, an email or a call, search the Internet, verify if it is a legitimate company, check if it is a Web Page with the security lock and if it starts with https:// and investigate to see if they appear in other searches before opening.

Another way you have to protect your information is by making sure to update your passwords and not share them with anyone. That way, you will avoid being a victim of cyber scams and fraudulent offers.

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